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stones by the river

"Two Waves" by Susanne Specht

"Two Waves"

by Susanne Specht

The artist about her work:

The 2 large stone waves lie on the banks of the Moselle in complete peace and tell of their long history. The story of becoming and passing away, the story of permanent change, of cycles and rhythms. At least twice a year, when the Moselle floods its banks, the stones are submerged in the river's waves and remain invisible for a while. In the warm and dry season, the two stone waves are transformed into a place to linger, the stones offer space to sit inside, in one stone on the long bench, in the other stone on a lonely seat.

The end: Stones by the River by Dr. Baerbel Schulte

Suzanne Specht s work in the Moselle meadows near Wehr is entitled "Two Waves". The two stones rest side by side and invite the visitor to sit and relax. The bench or the individual seat is not just a form, but also a well thought-out function. The sandstone warms up in the sun during the day and gives off this heat to those who sit on it. The time factor plays an important role for the artist, because the cosmic dimension, the age of the stone, which is unimaginable for humans, and the geological history hardened in it, which relativizes our own existence, is an important aspect of her work. When selecting the installation site, she also planned for the regular flooding of the Moselle meadows from the outset, which subjects her two stones to permanent change, similar to the growth and decay in nature.


1958 born in Saarbrücken, 80-86 studies in Berlin, various scholarships e.g. Scholarship for young talents in Berlin, Daad stay in Brittany, Eurocreation/Pipiniere scholarship, Berlin Senate scholarship, Zweibrücken Art Prize, 1994-2000 lecturer at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, since 1986 works in public space and exhibitions, including: Berlinische Galerie, Martin-Gropius-Bau , German Museum of History, atrium of the Deutsche Bank headquarters, Constanze-Presse-Haus, Guardini Foundation, Berlin, - House of Art, Munich, - outdoor sculpture, Stuttgart; Neckar works Esslingen; Wolfsburg Castle, Heidelberg Sculpture Park.