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Permit for subsidized housing

Residence entitlement certificate (WBS)

A residence entitlement certificate, or WBS for short, entitles you to move into a publicly funded apartment. These apartments are subject to certain conditions regarding occupancy and rent for a certain period of time.

The certificate can be issued in general (general WBS) or for a specific apartment (special WBS).

The general housing entitlement certificate entitles you to move into any social housing and is valid throughout Rhineland-Palatinate. With the issuance of a general WBS, which represents the standard, one is quite "flexible" when looking for an apartment, since one is not restricted to a specific social housing - as is the case with a special WBS.

Households whose eligible income does not exceed the relevant income limit receive a residence entitlement certificate. The income limit depends on the number of people living in the household (household members) and the corresponding support programs. are household members

  1. the applicant,
  2. the spouse
  3. the life partner and
  4. Partners in another long-term partnership, as well as their relatives in a straight line and second degree in the collateral line, relatives by marriage in a straight line and second degree in the collateral line, foster children regardless of their age and foster parents.

The total annual income consists of the gross annual income of all persons belonging to the household. It is determined in accordance with the State Housing Promotion Act (LWoFG).

A residence entitlement certificate is always issued for a certain apartment size. The size of the apartment that is allowed in the WBS is based on the household situation. The appropriate apartment sizes are as follows:

  • in a 1-person household: 50 m² or 1 living space
  • in a 2-person household: 60 m² or 2 living rooms
  • in a 3-person household: 80 m² or 3 living rooms
  • for a 4-person household: 90 m² or 4 living rooms
  • for each additional family member plus 15 m² or 1 living space

The residence entitlement certificate is issued for one year; There are no costs for the applicant.

The general WBS can be issued by the office (municipal or city administration) responsible for the previous place of residence as well as for the future place of residence. The special residence entitlement certificate is issued by the competent authority in whose area the apartment is located.

Whether you meet the requirements for receiving a WBS would have to be checked in an application process.