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in the Digital Lost and Found Office of the municipality of Konz!

If you find a lost item in the municipality of Konz, take it and cannot return it to the owner, you must report this to the lost and found office or hand it in there. If you have lost something yourself, you can report the loss to the lost and found office and, if necessary, pick up the lost item.

In order to make this visit to the authorities as comfortable as possible for you, you can view the items that have been handed in so far on this page and submit a notice of find or loss online.

  • Found something?

    If you have found an object of value (i.e. with a value of more than 10.00 euros), you must report it to the responsible authority immediately according to § 965 paragraph 2 BGB. A find will then be recorded. Among other things, the item found, the place and time it was found, as well as your personal details are determined. In order to make the display as easy as possible for you, we offer you the function here "find display" the easy way to report lost property directly online. You can hand in the found item to the citizens' office of the Konz municipal administration.

    Please hand in the found item to the citizens' office of the municipal administration in Konz within 2 weeks. You can make an appointment for delivery HERE online booking.

  • Lost an item?

    With a bit of luck, your lost item will have been handed in to us and you can retrieve it here. The current list of lost property from the lost and found office of the Konz municipal administration can be found below under " All lost property "...or under" Seek " if you want to narrow the results.

    With the online service " loss notice " you can report a lost item. A loss can be reported for a maximum of the last 3 years, after which time the right to the lost item expires. Your item will be entered in the loss register of the competent authority. There is no guarantee that we will find your automatically find a lost item. We recommend that you also check with the lost and found office at regular intervals.