Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung Konz



On the basis of Directive 2014/55/EU of the European Union, contractors from the Rhineland-Palatinate administration - and thus the Konz municipal administration - have been able to send their invoices in electronic form since April 2020.

Until the end of 2023, suppliers and service providers in Rhineland-Palatinate are free to submit their invoices electronically or in paper form. According to the E-Invoicing Ordinance RLP (ERechVORP), companies in Rhineland-Palatinate that receive public contracts or concessions will be obliged to issue electronic invoices from April 1, 2025.

According to the EU directive, invoices are considered electronic if they are issued, transmitted and received in a structured electronic format. The format must enable automatic and electronic processing by the recipient (no simple PDF or image files).

The requirements for the invoice format are based on the European standard EN-16931 and the German specification of this standard. The invoice format must comply with the XRechnung standard for invoicing to the German administration.

A so-called routing ID is required for the clear assignment of an e-bill to a bill recipient. This ID is the assignment criterion for the input channels e-mail and upload of the central e-invoice receipt Rhineland-Palatinate.

For the Konz municipal administration, the Route ID 


must be specified so that the electronic invoice can be correctly assigned:

E-invoices to the Konz municipal administration can only be submitted via the central invoice receipt platform of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (ZRE):

Under www.e-bill.service.rlp.de reach that Central e-invoice receipt RLP . There you will also find prepared FAQs and an explanatory video for billers on how to log into the system. Further detailed information can be found in the Vendor Information .