Public contracts & awarding


Tenders and publications


The central awarding office of the Konz municipal administration oversees all award procedures

  • VOB (procurement and contract regulations for construction work)
  • UVgO (sub-threshold procurement regulations for public supply and service contracts below the EU threshold values)
  • VgV (Ordinance on the award of public contracts -Procurement Ordinance-)

We provide interested companies with all tender documents, including plans and expert opinions on the current tender procedures, in digital form free of charge on the “ELViS” tendering platform from Subreport.

By switching to e-tendering, a significant amount of paper is saved and at the same time you can submit your offers more easily and quickly. Information about the procedure will be sent to you automatically.

To take part in the award process and submit offers electronically, you can go to https://www.subreport-elvis.de/anmelde.html register for free.

If you have any further questions, you can find out more at

Here you will find all the announcements of our registration office that are subject to publication. This includes public invitations to tender, preliminary information about intended restricted invitations to tender, notices of awarded contracts and competitive tenders.

The municipality of Konz is currently tendering the following work: