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Through dedicated planning, the city of Konz and the local communities are expanding and improving the range of attractive residential areas. A lot has been done in recent years, especially for young families. This is also reflected in the number of cross-border commuters from neighboring Luxembourg living in the city and associated municipality of Konz.

Current information regarding the availability of building land and the status of future planning within the municipality of Konz can be found here HERE

All information about current building areas in the city of Konz and the local communities as well as information about individual building plots for sale can be found on the following pages:

The municipality of Konz points out that in the western area of the VG Konz between the Saar and the Upper Moselle, the use of geothermal energy through deep drilling can be problematic or even impossible. Please coordinate this with the VG Konz and the water authorities at an early stage in the planning process.

The Konz municipal administration has had a flood and heavy rain prevention concept drawn up that makes specific statements for all municipalities. Before you buy a house or a new building, please think about what you can do in advance. Further information can be found here HERE .