worth seeing

stones by the river

"Signs" by Willi Bauer


by Willie Bauer

The artist about his work:

in motion
we find a sign.
It marks our now
for the moment of staying.

The end: Stones by the River by Dr. Baerbel Schulte

Structurally strictly structured and reduced to essential basic forms, the "sign" of asserts itself Willie Bauer on the banks of the Moselle in Nittel. This work of art, which initially seems almost like a functionalist construct, is nevertheless able to surround itself with its own aura, an aura that Walter Benjamin seemed to have lost for the work of art "in the age of its technical reproducibility". This "aura" is one of sensitivity, that of what is felt - and not that of what is calculated. The contrast between surfaces left rough and polished smooth, between the outer form and the wedge that appears to have been pushed in creates tension without becoming striking. This "sign" invites you to meditate, opens up different levels of meaning and, like Martine Andernach's "signpost" next door, eludes quick consumption. In this respect, the joint installation on this small square, which enables an intimate and contemplative discussion, is very logical.


Born in 1952 in Martinshöhe. University of Applied Sciences Design-Visual Communication Kaiserslautern.
Studied art and politics at the University of Giessen.
Symposia: 1986 Schweinstal/Kaiserslautern, 1989 "Stones on the Border", Merzig. 1994 Sculpture Trail "Wegsteine" Queidersbach. 1995 Rod Albums. 1997 Germersheim. 1999 Lauterbourg. 2000 snow symp. Winnipeg/Canada. Working in public space: 1987 Kaiserslautern District Office. 1987 Kantgymn. Pirmasens. 1987 Mud bath in Landstuhl. 1988 Forge Tower Kaiserslautern. 1991 Keiper Recaro Kaiserslautern. 1993 "The Table" Krickenbach. 1995 "Stone Circle" Bad Dürkheim. 1996 House Sun Zweibrücken. 1999 Kemperhof Koblenz. 2000 Speyer Vocational School. Lectureship at Fachhochschule Frankfurt SS1996/SS1997.