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Notes on Electronic Communications

Notes on Electronic Communications

As part of digitization and the introduction of electronic administration (e-government) and the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG), the municipal administration of Konz welcomes and supports electronic communication and regards it as up-to-date and more efficient.

The municipal administration of Konz offers you the possibility of formless as well as the legally binding one formal electronic communication (Email/Internet) with the administration.

Free form electronic communication

Unless there are any special formal requirements (and/or data protection requirements), communication can be handled as follows:

  • Notices by email to the email address rathaus@konz.de

    In addition, you will find further e-mail addresses of individual departments or persons on our website, but without legal relevance here. You can also send e-mails to these addresses. Pay special attention to the Principles of electronic communication regarding permissible file formats .

  • Submission of suggestions via our electronic contact form 

  • If there are no formal requirements in the context of communication, but information relevant to data protection is to be transmitted, we recommend using the Rhineland-Palatinate user account .
    Citizens as well as companies and associations who want to use an electronic mailbox or communicate extensively electronically with the administration can register at the official Rhineland-Palatinate user account to register. In the future, the Rhineland-Palatinate user account will offer the basis for being able to process application procedures and communication completely and securely electronically.

Form-bound electronic communication

The Konz municipal administration offers the following access to handle communication that is required to be in writing:

  • BundID

    With the BundID , also as Federal user account ( NKB ), citizens can identify and authenticate themselves for online administrative services of public authorities. With a BundID account, online applications can be submitted to federal, state, local and indirect administration authorities. The BundID also offers a mailbox that is intended to enable secure communication between public administration and citizens and into which the authority can legally deliver notices issued with the consent of the users. If you do not yet have a BundID account, you can create a BundID account at any time, for example using the online ID function on the BundID website furnish.
  • Email with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

    If you are able to send us an email with a qualified electronic signature (QES), please send it to the email address vg-konz[at]poststelle.rlp.de .

  • De-Mail

    The Konz municipal administration uses a De-Mail mailbox. Information on or the possibility of registering with De-Mail can be found on the provider's website. If you are already a De-Mail user, you will find the Konz municipal administration as the addressee in the system.