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Spatial order & spatial planning

Spatial order & spatial planning

Spatial planning ensures a supra-local and interdisciplinary balance for the diverse uses and functions of the entire area of the Federal Republic of Germany and its sub-areas. The legal guiding principle of spatial planning is sustainable spatial development, which harmonises the social and economic demands on the area with its ecological functions and leads to a permanent, large-scale, balanced order with equivalent living conditions.

Instead of the traditional and static-looking term "spatial planning", the term "spatial planning" is often used today, which, in addition to the ordering element, also has future-oriented spatial planning in mind.

Spatial planning tasks

Spatial planning deals with the structural and spatial structures in the city and the local communities of the Konz association. Based on this, planning concepts are developed with the aim of minimizing conflicts, taking into account all relevant interests. It regulates both public and private building activity in the region and has to ensure that the land is used in a way that serves the public good and is socially just.

instruments of spatial planning

The most important instruments of municipal spatial planning for controlling land use are the zoning plan ( preparatory land use plan ) for the entire area of the city and municipality of Konz as well as the development plans ( binding construction plan ) for the sub-areas of the city and the local communities.

The municipalities draw up the land use plans in a formal procedure as soon as and to the extent that it is necessary for structural development and order. The citizens are informed about the goals, purposes and effects of the plans through public participation and are thus given the opportunity to comment and discuss.

Legally effective development plans are municipal statutes that come into force after the resolution has been passed in the respective committees and after publication in the respective publication bodies. At the same time, it is also announced that all original plans are kept available for everyone to inspect in the responsible specialist department of the Konz municipal administration.

Important Usage Notes:

The documents provided on the Internet are not authoritative for legally binding statements . They do not claim to be complete and are only intended to provide additional information. The sole basis for binding planning law information is the original plan, which reflects the current legal situation.

All original plans with justification and textual stipulations of the city and the local communities of the Konz association of municipalities will be available for inspection by all citizens in the responsible department of the association's administration from the day of the announcement.

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