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stones by the river

"Head Fragment" by Karl-Heinz Deutsch

"head fragment"

by Karl Heinz Deutsch

The artist about his work:

For years I have been dealing with the subject of the "head" in its diverse design possibilities.
I am looking for the "Urkopf" in art and I find "helmet heads", "axe heads", "visor heads"........
My "Lying Stone on the Moselle" is part of this creative phase as a visor head. It gives the viewer peace, tranquility and the opportunity for their own meditation.

The end: Stones by the River by Dr. Baerbel Schulte

Below Wasserliesch we find the "head fragment". Karl-Heinz Deutsch places the human being, more precisely the human skull, at the center of his sculptural work. Its visor head is made of sandstone, but the smooth surface does not allow any concessions to the natural shape of the stone. Here the artist reveals himself more as a sculptor than as a sculptor, for the work approaches absolute plastic form. Basically, Karl-Heinz Deutsch uses an archaic formal language, which makes his works appear timeless and monumental even in small formats. Helmets or - in this case - visors hold a secret, there is no clue as to what lies beneath the surface. The head as a symbol of what is actually existential, as the seat of thoughts and as the center of the actual human condition requires special protection.


1940 born in Karlsruhe, lives in Jockgrim, 1954-1957 apprenticeship as a ceramic modeller, 1960-1965 studies at the Kunsthochschule Karlsruhe, since 1965 freelance artist, architectural and building sculpture, 1973 Pfalzpreis for plastic, 1978 sponsorship award of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate , 1988 appointment as honorary professor at the University of Applied Sciences Rhineland-Palatinate, Kaiserslautern department, 1997 art prize of the VPK with Picasso medal.

Participation in and organization of international sculpture symposiums, e.g. Bad Kreuznach, Kaiserslautern, Trieste, Jockgrim, Kandel, Southern Wine Route, Rodalben, Germersheim, Pirmasens, Lauterburg.