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Building plots - current status


Current information regarding the availability of building land and the status of future planning within the municipality of Konz

The city of Konz as well as the other local communities of the Konz association are endeavoring to identify new building land areas. However, these methods still need time to be ready for construction. In the following we would like to inform you about the next building land developments and also answer frequently asked questions in a bundle.

  • The city of Konz is planning the development of a new development area in the Konz-Berendsborn area. The necessary purchase of land is currently being made here. However, it will most likely take at least 3 years before construction can begin here. At this early stage, we do not yet have a list of interested parties.
  • In the meantime, the marketing of the building plots in the "Hinter Mennig" building area in Konz-Obermennig has been completed.
  • Furthermore, there are in the local churches super cheap and Pellingen Planning for new areas. In both communities, however, it will still be a while before construction can begin there. In Oberbillig, the start of the development measures is planned towards the end of 2023. In Pellingen, on the other hand, these have already begun.
    • The list of interested parties for the new development area in Pellingen led by local mayor Wolfgang Willems. His email address is: .
    • For super cheap there is a list of interested parties, you will find the form and further information HERE .
  • The local communities of Nittel, Tawern, Wellen and Wiltingen are also planning to develop building land. As soon as there is concrete information here, we will publish it here.

An expansion in Konz-Roscheid is currently not possible because this area is not included in the land use plan. However, this could be changed in the course of updating the land use plan. However, there are currently no plans for this area

We do not know whether there are private building plots for sale. If you are aware of private vacant lots and you are interested in purchasing these properties, you can find out about private property owners through our Citizens’ Advice Bureau for a fee. You can find more information about this here HERE

This page is continuously updated; it therefore constantly reflects the current status. We therefore ask you to refrain from further individual inquiries to the administration.

Thank you for your understanding!