cycling paradise

Saar-Upper Moselle

Cycling paradise Saar-Upper Moselle


In Konz, at the confluence of the Saar and Moselle, you will find your ideal location for a varied cycling holiday. The very special appeal of the natural landscape of the Moselle and Saar lies in its diversity. The gentle valleys on the Upper Moselle and the Saar are in contrast to the steep and terraced locations on the Middle and Lower Moselle, castles and palaces invite you to visit them.

Pleasure cyclists and families in particular get their money's worth when cycling in the Saar-Upper Moselle region, because there are numerous opportunities to cycle flat and comfortably and to discover wonderful landscapes, beautiful wine villages and sights from 2,000 years of history.

Since the cycle paths run on both sides of the rivers, there are many variants for short or longer round trips via bridges or ferries without having to cycle the route twice. There are also other possible combinations by train or ship.

The town of Konz, located at the confluence of the Saar and Moselle, is an ideal starting point for a variety of cycling tours. The Saar Cycle Path leads from here over a distance of around 110 kilometers to Saargemünd in France. The route does not have any gradients and is therefore particularly family-friendly. If you want to explore the Moselle cycle path in a relaxed manner, you can follow the romantic river loops for around 200 kilometers to Koblenz or cycle upstream to Metz in France. This section is still considered an insider tip and is characterized by a landscape with southern flair. A small detour over the bridges or with the ferry to the neighboring country Luxembourg is easily possible.

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