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stones by the river

"Knee with joint" by Hartwig Mülleitner

"jointed knee"

by Hartwig Mueleitner

The artist about his work:

A boat brushes up along a slender leg, caresses the calf and skin, the delicately moving surface.
Slender leg, a punt caresses your surface, gently pushing a fold of skin in front of you.
Slender leg, your thigh buried deep in the green sheet that covers the landscape in rough folds.
Vines, light and shadow adorn your green passe-partout, which surrounds you protectively.
Small place - small joint, suddenly you bend the water masses, change their course.

The end: Stones by the River by Dr. Baerbel Schulte

The Austrian sculptor Hartwig Mueleitner eludes the clear classification into plastic or sculpture, because he puts his work together from several elements, so that one can also speak of a constructed work, i.e. of a sculpture. In the new combination, the individual elements of this formerly compact, down-to-earth block are reinterpreted insofar as this new structure is intended to appear as light as possible and extend as far into the space as possible. The division, the loss of wholeness, can also be understood as an opportunity for a new beginning. In the vineyards above Nittel, in visual contact with Jürgen Waxweiler's "Great Pointer", he takes up the motif of the bend in the river, the knee that the Moselle forms at this point. The ball pushed between the two long elements acts as a joint that makes movement possible in the first place.


Born on September 3rd, 1968, 1984 - 88 HTBLA for sculpture in Hallein. 1988-95 Studies at the Art University for artistic and industrial design in Linz, master class of Prof. Erwin Reiter, 1995 diploma with distinction, 1996-99 assistant at the international summer academy in Salzburg. 1998 residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts Virginia / USA, 1998 State Advancement Award for Fine Arts Salzburg, 1999 founding of the cultural innovation "ache 700", 2000 residency in Vilnius / Lithuania. 1988 frieze in the entrance hall of the HTBLA Hallein / A, 1993 Forma Viva / Slo , 1993 Cordoba / Argentina, 1994 City of Zerbst / Saxony Anhalt / D, 1995 Altar design of the workday chapel St. Paul - Salzburg / A, 1996 Stone in Galilee - Israel, 1996 City of Hojer - DK, Stromovska - Budweis CZ, 1997 City of Aswan - Egypt, 1999 Technical University Brunn CZ, 2000 WFW Wolfegg / D, Sculpture Park Juzi Paradise / China