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stones by the river

"Heaven Ladder" by Hubert Maier

"Heaven Ladder"

by Hubert Maier

The artist about his work:

Before I drive off, a quick look into the car to see if I haven't forgotten anything:

a Hilti TE 18 rotary hammer with various accessories
a core drilling machine Dr. Bender with various accessories
an angle grinder Flex 4000 rpm with water connection
an angle grinder Flex 7000 rpm
an angle grinder Metabo 11000 rpm
Various diamond grinding and cutting discs
two cable drums 50 m 220 V
an extension cable 10m 220 V
a field forge
an anvil plate
a machinist's hammer 1.2 kg
a box of sandstone point irons
a hammer 1 kg
a hammer 1.2 kg
a Japanese flat hammer
a 20 mm flat iron
20 sets of spring wedges 14 mm
20 sets of spring wedges 20 mm
10 sets of spring wedges 20 mm long
10 sets of spring wedges 26 mm extra long
a cartridge of grease for spring wedges
a hard hat with hearing protection
two goggles with spare lenses
a dust mask with spare filter
two pairs of work gloves
various work clothes
four Polytex round slings 4000 kg
a Stabila spirit level 800 mm
a stainless steel angle
a parasol
four squared timbers 20x28
a Sortimo case with Spax screws
a cordless screwdriver Makita 12V
a 12V blower for field forges
a box of plasters
a box of yellow wax crayons

I think I have the most important things with me, I'm sure you can borrow the rest from your colleagues. Now just pack your bags, then we can finally start.

The end: Stones by the River by Dr. Baerbel Schulte

The "Heaven Ladder" towers below the village of Wehr Hubert Maiers and marks - even more clearly and demanding than the angel sculpture by Georg Ahrens or the "Big Pointer" by Jürgen Waxweiler - a possible connecting line between heaven and earth. An ancient motif that we already know from the Old Testament with Jacob's ladder. Jakob saw this ladder in a dream and as if in a dream it stands opposite the viewer, deprived of its actual function. The ascent to heaven is possible only in dreams. The real steps of the monumental work of art are also not accessible. They are signs of the unattainable. In the title "Heaven Ladder" the incompatibility and unbridgeability of the two spheres of heaven and earth is once again referred to in a playful way, which each stand for themselves and cannot be connected by a ladder.


Born 1960 in Bad Reichenhall, 1982-88 studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Prof. Leo Kornbrust, graduated as a master student, since 1988 freelance sculptor in Moosach near Munich, 1989 grant from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art, 1992 studio house grant Worpswede, 1997 Bohuslän stone scholarship Sweden, 2000 guest studio Maltator Gmünd, since 1987 numerous exhibitions, 1994/99 direction of the stone sculptor symposium of the Salzburg summer academy, 1986 stone sculptor symposium of the Salzburg summer academy, 1989 international stone sculptor symposium Hirzenhain, 1990 international stone sculptor symposium Steinsberg, 1992 symposium of European sculptors Huben in East Tyrol, 1994 Symposium of European Sculptors St. Margarethen - Project Hall in Tyrol, 1994/99 Director of the Stone Sculptors' Symposium at the Summer Academy in Salzburg, 1999 International Stone Sculptors' Symposium in Flörshaim am Main