Waste & Disposal

For the sake of the environment!

Waste & Disposal

  • waste advice

    Responsible for waste disposal in the Konz municipality is the Waste management association in the Trier region . Advisors on the subject of waste and disposal are available here during opening hours:

    Waste management association in the Trier region
    PO Box 47 20
    D-54237 Trier

    Telephone: 0651 - 9491 414
    Fax: 0651 9491 8414

    Fees and re-registration of waste containers
    Tel. 0651 9491 1212

    association fund
    Tel. 0651 9491 1133

    Waste collection in the district of Trier-Saarburg
    Tel. 0651 9491 4233

    Disposal and recycling center (EVZ) Mertesdorf
    Tel. 0651 9491 2500

    Soil exchange, compost, recycling center EVZ
    Tel. 0651 9491 2135

    Recycling center Metternichstrasse, Trier
    Tel. 0651 9491 2510

  • Garbage bags (official garbage bags)

    If the rubbish bin is occasionally too small because more rubbish has accumulated than usual, we recommend the official rubbish bag from A.R.T.

    You can get the 70 l sack at the customer center of Zweckverband ART, Metternichstraße 33, Trier.

    Further general information about residual waste and other points of sale can be found on the ART Trier website. 

    The official rubbish bag must be placed clearly visible on the roadside by 6:00 a.m. on the day of residual waste collection.

  • Waste Primer

    The waste management region of Trier publishes a waste guide every year with the current collection dates for the following year. The primers are sent to households. If you still do not receive a rubbish guide, you can e.g. pick one up at the Konz municipal administration, Am Markt.

  • collection dates

    You can print out an annual calendar with the collection dates for your address, use the free reminder service and import the collection dates into your personal, electronic calendar. To do this, please enter your location in the search form on the “ART Trier Disposal Calendar” page.

  • sewage

    Wastewater disposal closed pits, Konz Municipal Utility Company AöR ,
    Administration building : Schillerstrasse 31, 54329 Konz
    Postal address : Schillerstrasse 31, 54329 Konz
    Telephone 06501 – 28 61

  • waste glass container

    You can find used glass containers in the Konz municipality at the following locations:

    City of Konz:
    Alte Straße (sports field), Park & Ride facility Güterstraße (turning area), Granastraße (Saarbrücke car park), Roscheider Straße – corner of Kuag replacement street, Römerstraße, car park at Friedhof St. Nikolaus, car park at Saar-Mosel-Bad

    Main street (near the village square in Filzen)
    Bus turning point Hamm

    Konz-Könen: Wastewater treatment plant industrial area

    Konz-Kommlingen: For the Urlauf

    Konz-Krettnach: Main road

    Conc. low mennig: Driveway L 138, at the sports field

    Concentration: Obermenniger Street

    Konz Oberemmel: village square

    cancer: barbecue hut

    medium: fire Department

    cheap: Moselle road

    Onsdorf : town center

    Pellingen: Friedhofstrasse and Am Friedhof

    Tavern: Settlement, Mühlenstraße (sewage treatment plant), Zum Albach (Fellerich)

    Temples: Fire brigade equipment house / sports field

    water lover: At the cemetery / in the Olk, in the tithe, Granahöhe development area,
    cleaner street

    Wawern: at the old school

    Waves: Josef-Schnuch-Strasse

  • batteries

    Batteries - apart from car batteries - can be disposed of in the collection boxes provided in stores and in Konz also at the municipal administration - administration building II, Am Markt.

  • Disposal and recycling center Mertesdorf

    The ART disposal and recycling center in Mertesdorf is available to private suppliers

    Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

    to disposal.

  • garden waste

    The most environmentally friendly way to return garden waste to nature is in your own garden. In addition, you can collect garden waste from the A.R.T. have it picked up from your home or have it delivered to ETC Mertesdorf. You also have the option of handing in your green waste to the following collection points in the Konz municipality:

    Peter Wahlen, from the outskirts of Kommlingen towards Oberemmel, on the right side of the
    K 136, 150 m further from the resettlement Wahlen

    Dieter Schafhausen, from the outskirts of Kanzem in the direction of Wawern:
    1st service road on the left, after 100 m on the right side

    Manfred Greif, Auf Wackert (grain storage above Windhof)
    Access via the L 135

  • Yellow sacks - recycling sack

    Plastic, composite and metal packaging are collected and disposed of separately in the yellow recycling bags. You can get the “yellow bags” from the municipal administration in Konz, Am Markt, among others.

    Further information in general and also about the issuing offices in the Konz municipality can be found here.

  • Garbage cans / waste bins

    In the district of Trier-Saarburg, the ART association is responsible for distributing, emptying and billing the bins.

    Waste management association in the Trier region
    PO Box 47 20
    D-54237 Trier
    Telephone 0651 – 9 49 14 14

  • Recycling center Trier

    Of the ART recycling center Trier (Metternichstraße 35, 54292 Trier) is the central point of contact for anyone who wants to hand in waste or recyclables and is available to private deliverers Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Further information can be found on the website of the A.R.T. special purpose association: