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Environmentally and climate-friendly on the go

Buses, trains & ferries

Buses, trains & ferries

Whether by train, bus or ferry - the municipality of Konz can easily be explored without your own car. You often not only save money and travel more relaxed, but also make an active contribution to environmental protection.

Trier Region Transport Association (VRT)

the Transport association in the Trier region ( VRT ) was founded in 2001 as a mixed group with the aim of making bus and train travel as easy as possible for customers. Since January 1, 2019, the VRT has been the 100 percent subsidiary of the Zweckverband VRT after a reorganization as a transport association.

The Zweckverband VRT as a shareholder of VRT GmbH is a merger of the independent city of Trier and the counties Bernkastel-Wittlich , Bitburg-Pruem , Vulkaneifel and Trier-Saarburg .

The main task of VRT GmbH is the design of a uniform public transport tariff and uniform marketing.

Traffic Company

For regional rail passenger transport, the DB Regional AG responsible.

The transport company runs in the regional bus network "Saargau": Saargau line on tour

For the ferry Oberbillig is the Municipality of Oberbillig responsible.

VRT trip planner

Use the VRT timetable information and simply enter your starting point, destination, date and time . You will then receive suggestions for different journey options with information on journey times and transfers

The VRT timetable app

Download the now VRT timetable app down and have an overview of the bus connections, no matter where you are for iOS and Android devices.

  • Train connections and stops in the VG Konz

    In Konz, locals, visitors, tourists and commuters have good connections to public transport and to neighboring France and Luxembourg.

    Information about trains from Konz to Luxembourg City (and vice versa) can be found here:

    cross conc

    Here you have connections in the direction of Trier - Koblenz, as well as in the direction of Igel, Wasserbillig, Mertert and Luxembourg City. The exact timetable information can be found here:

    conc middle

    Here you have connections in the direction of Trier - Koblenz, as well as in the direction water lily , super cheap , temmels , waves , middle , Perl-Nennig and FRANCE. The exact timetable information can be found here:

    Konz train station

    Here you have connections in the direction of Trier - Koblenz, as well as in the direction of Saarbrücken ( cancer , Wiltingen , Saarburg, Mettlach, Merzig..... (Saar line)). The exact timetable information can be found here:


    Here you have connections in the direction of Trier - Koblenz, as well as in the direction of Luxembourg, Saarbrücken ( Saar route - with breakpoints in ) as well as Perl-Nennig and France ( Upper Moselle route - with breakpoints in Wasserliesch, Oberbillig, Temmels, Wellen (Mosel), Nittel ). The exact timetable information can be found here:

  • Bus connections in the VG Konz

    Since January 1, 2021, the new bus network in the Saargau has connected almost every place between Konz, Saarburg and Freudenburg. Thanks to improved vehicle standards and a larger range of journeys, it offers more comfort and flexibility. Buses are now on the move with a new line number and partly on changed routes and now run several times a day from Monday to Sunday, sometimes even every two hours. The school bus lines were integrated into the regular lines.

    linerouteMore Breakpointstimingtimetable
    Konz-Roscheid - Konz-Karthaus - Trier Ruwer
    Konz, Trier Treviris, Trier North
    Mon - Fri every hour to Trier, Sat & Sun every two hours between Roscheid and Karthaus

    Könen, Tawern, Wawern, Ayl, Biebelhausen and Niederleuken
    Mon - Sun every two hours, Mon - Sat between Wawern and Konz every hour
    Fellerich, Tawern

    Mon - Fri single trips per day

    292Conc - Oberemmel - Conc
    Niedermennig, Obermennig, Krettnach, Oberemmel and Kommlingen
    Mon - Sun hourly
    Filzen, Konz, Berendsborn, Niedermennig, Obermennig, Krettnach and Pellingen
    Mon - Fri several trips a day (between Konz and Berendsborn every hour), Sat & Sun between Konz and Berendsborn every two hours.
    294Wawern - Wiltingen
    cancerMon - Fri single trips per day
    Mannebach, Kümmern, Onsdorf, Nittel and Wellen
    Mon - Fri several trips a day
    Kahren, Fisch, Söst and Köllig
    Mon - Fri single trips per day; doesn't go on vacationHERE
    Wellen, Nittel, Onsdorf, Söst, Köllig and Rehlingen
    Mon - Fri several trips a day
    299Oberbillig - Wasserliesch

    Mon - Fri several trips a day; doesn't go on vacation
  • Car ferry "Sankta Maria" in Oberbillig

    the world's first fully electric car ferry for inland waterways Sankta Maria II in Oberbillig offers locals, commuters and tourists the opportunity to travel to neighboring Wasserbillig/Luxembourg. The Moselle ferry connects the German community of Oberbillig with its neighboring community in Luxembourg, Mertert-Wasserbillig, thereby relieving the burden on the "Wellen/Grevenmacher" commuter bridge. The ferry, which is operated jointly by the municipalities of Oberbillig and Mertert/Wasserbillig, is used by around 143,000 people with almost 66,000 cars, 1,600 motorbikes and motorbikes and 19,500 bicycles on an annual average.

    FERRY TIMES OF THE "SANKTA MARIA" CAR FERRY between Oberbillig and Wasserbillig

    Monday to Friday06:30 - 20:00
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays09:00 - 20:00

    The car ferry "Sankta Maria" can also be reached by telephone on the following number: 0172 -3 15 61 26

    For fees for using the ferry, please see the Schedule of fees for the "Fähre Sankta Maria II" of the Oberbillig municipality or the homepage of Municipality of Oberbillig 


    the SANTA MARY II was christened by the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg on November 25, 2017 after 10 months of construction at the Ostseestaal shipyard in Stralsund and went into service on December 10, 2017. The modern and world's first transport ferry on an inland waterway is powered by 4 Sail-Drive electric motors, each with 20 kW, from the company Kräutler from Lustenau/Austria. The power for the electric motors comes from lithium polymer batteries with a capacity of 252 kWh, which are charged daily via a 63 A shore power connection in Oberbillig. In addition, 15 solar modules are installed on the ferry, each with a total output of 5.4 kWp, and the solar power is fed into the batteries for the 24 V on-board power supply. The SANKTA MARIA II is 28.00 meters long, 8.90 meters wide and approved for a payload of 25 tons or 45 people.