Verbandsgemeinde Konz

Retail - settlement

Settlement of retail

The settlement of retail companies is subject to the requirements of regional and state planning if certain sizes are exceeded. An overview of the regulations of the country can be found in the State development program 4 of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate . (esp. Chapter 3.2.3 - from target 57).

At the level of regional planning, a regional spatial plan has been in preparation since 2014, which will specify the state's statements. This is not yet in force.

the Verbandsgemeinde of Konz and the city of Konz have each drawn up a concept for controlling retail:

the Municipality of Nittel is planned in the regional spatial plan as a new basic center in cooperation with the OG Wincheringen. For this purpose, a joint center concept was developed and approved by the two communities.