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stones by the river

"Big Pointer" by Jürgen Waxweiler

"Big Pointer"

by Juergen Waxweiler

The artist about his work:

sign on the horizon.
See, don't read!

The end: Stones by the River by Dr. Baerbel Schulte

Jurgen Waxweiler deals with the human being in his works, which he symbolizes in his sculptures through the head or - as in this case - the hand as pars pro toto. It is the confrontation with the ego, with one's own humanity, a theme that has moved artists to a certain extent since cave paintings. The natural, formal and colored nature of the workpiece flows into the creative conception, so that in the case of the "Big Hand", for example, he only worked out the hand itself, while the part below the hand was left unworked, like the sleeve of a hand sweater works. The "Great Pointer" above Wellens appears even more monumental due to the strong view from below, exaggerated by its staging on the horizon line, which it characterizes like a landmark. As a landmark - or better as a memorial - it not only marks geographical borders, but also the cosmic borders between heaven and earth.


Born in Wittlich/Eifel in 1962. Youth and school days ibid. 1982 Abitur. 1984-86 Apprenticeship as a stonemason and stone sculptor in Munich. 1988-90 studied sculpture at the Staatl. Academy of Fine Arts Munich with Prof. Hubertus von Pilgrim. 1989 International Summer Academy Salzburg with Prof. Imre Varga. 1990-93 University of Fine Arts Dresden with Prof. Helmut Heinze. 1993 Diploma. Since 1993 freelance in Traben-Trarbach/Mosel. Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. 1998 Limes Art Prize, 2000 Culture Promotion Prize of the district of Bernkastel-Wittlich. Works in public space: 2000 Wittlich memorial, 2001 Koblenz memorial. Sculptor symposia: 1999 Senheim/Mosel, 2000 St. Marienthal Monastery Ostritz/Saxony, 2001 Palzem-Wehr/Mosel, 2002 Wittlich.