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Construction work on the Berendsgraben in Konz

Construction work on the Berendsgraben in Konz - sewer rehabilitation and subsequent restoration of the creek

March 29, 2022

This year, work will take place in the Berendsgraben area to rehabilitate the canals. Here we have summarized information about the measure for you:

Why is there work on the creek?

In the 1960s, a drainage canal was laid in the ground below the bed of the Berendsgraben ditch when the first buildings in Berendsborn were developed. This pipe channel is now in need of repair in many places due to roots and subsidence. As a result, this pipeline urgently needs to be renewed.

What is being done?

The piping of the canal has to be replaced with new pipes in badly damaged areas. In less destroyed areas it is sufficient to repair the existing pipe with a plastic skin on the inside. Depending on the effort, however, it may be necessary to use construction equipment to access the respective stream area in order to be able to carry out the measures.

What has already happened?

In the first step, individual trees had to be removed and the vegetation cut back. Most of this work has already been completed. The actual work is expected to begin in June and be completed by the end of the year.

What does the rest of the construction work look like?

From June this year, an access road to the creek and along parts of the creek will be established so that the construction equipment can carry out the work. This construction area concerns the section from the intake structure opposite the Berendsborn fairground to behind the area of the former playground in Ausoniusstraße. Another access to the creek will also be created from the former playground. The work on the canal will last until around autumn of this year. After the pipes have been laid there, the creek bed will be restored under ecological specifications.

In the area of the upper course of the stream from the former playground to the piping of the stream through Graf-Metternich-Straße, the pipeline is being repaired using a special rehabilitation process. For this, no major construction equipment needs to be in the area of the creek, so that the existing creek bed is not used.

What happens to the water in the stream during the construction work?

During the work in the creek bed, the water of the creek will be routed along the construction site in temporary piping so that the work can take place in dry conditions.

Are you still talking to local residents?

So far, all residents have been informed of the measure. During the measure, residents have access to a contact person from the administration so that information and inquiries can be exchanged.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the project?

Both now, before the measure and during the ongoing measure, you can entrust a colleague from the administration with your request by calling 06501 83-218 with the keyword "Berendsgraben". You are also welcome to send your request to the email address