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Max Bodzin

Herbert Max Bodzin

Herbert Max Bodzin (* 1936 in Hohenlimburg) is a German painter, sculptor and musician (saxophone, flute, piano). Works (stainless steel sculptures) can be found in public spaces in Bassum, Bremen, Diepholz, Konz and Weyhe.

Since 1966 freelance sculptor, painter, jazz musician. 9 years artistically active in Worpswede. Membership in several cultural associations and clubs, various offices as chairman.

Design and manufacture of large-scale stainless steel sculptures for private and public property. Abstract painting (INFORMEL) Style references: Max Bill "Concrete Art", Gerhard Richter. Sales at home and abroad

Approx. 40 joint and 24 individual constellations Cooperation with authorities, companies and institutions.
Various public art actions and competition awards. Numerous publications in the press, trade journals, radio and TV.

"As a center of cultural history, art is above all a means of making our area of life more humane." (quot.)