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Willie Hahn

Willie Hahn

Willie Hahn (born February 7, 1920 in Saarbrücken, † September 18, 1995 in Trier) was a German sculptor.

Willi Hahn attended elementary school in Saarbrücken and at the age of 10 he went to the Salesian school in Sauerland, where art was also taught. His talent for drawing attracted attention, as did his skill at modelling. His teachers recommended that his parents encourage this talent and give him a solid education in a trade. At the age of 14 he began an apprenticeship as a painter, which he could not complete due to lead poisoning. Mindful of the teacher's recommendation, his parents sent him - his father had meanwhile been transferred to Konz - to the master school for German crafts (later the arts and crafts school) on Paulusplatz in Trier. After the first semester, he was even granted seven free semesters because of his talent. In this school of German craftsmanship, his skills were encouraged by various qualified teachers and led to their full development.

In those years, a new interest in old buildings awoke in Trier, stimulated by the work of Professor Kutzbach. In this way, the Simeonsstift was restored to its original form. The students of the School of Arts and Crafts were given the opportunity to do practical work. During the demolition work, enough illustrative material for the old construction came to light, such as the remains of rosettes and keystones. Willi Hahn was there with enthusiasm. Here he developed his empathy, which he later benefited from in the restoration of the cloister of St. Matthias as well as in his new creations.

Willi Hahn graduated with honors.

For Willi Hahn, this was the beginning of a rich career, the fruits of which can be admired in many churches in the Trier region. But his sculptures can also be seen on secular buildings. Fountains designed by him can be found in many squares, e.g. the locust fountain in Trier (corner of Fleischstraße / Nagelstraße), where he depicted himself in the midst of Trier originals as he was known - with a beret on his head and a hammer and chisel in the Hand.

Willi Hahn died on September 18, 1995, shortly after an exhibition on the occasion of his 75th birthday had ended in the cloister of St. Matthias.

Source: Salvation story in Stein "Mattheiser themes"