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Questionnaire event

planning a public event

Test according to POG §26 - display sheet

In Rhineland-Palatinate, planned open-air public events with more than 5,000 visitors at the same time must be reported in writing to the local regulatory authority in good time (§ 26 Para. 1 POG). Even at events with fewer than 5,000 visitors, it may be necessary to take additional security measures, such as creating a security concept or hiring a security service.

By completing this form, you notify the responsible regulatory authority of your event and thus provide the necessary information for an initial assessment of the scope and risk potential of your planned event.

If you have already drawn up a security concept for your event, please send it along with this notification form. This also applies to other existing documents and plans, e.g.

  • Site and construction plans
  • Program booklets and flyers
  • promotional materials
  • Program sequences (if possible with information on performing artists)
  • existing concepts (fire protection, traffic, security service, evacuation, security concept, etc.)