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    The Federal Government's short-term goal is for 98 percent of all households to have broadband Internet access via landline, cable network or terrestrial wireless technology by 2008. The federal government supports broadband development with an innovation-oriented regulatory and frequency policy, the dissemination of best-practice solutions via initiatives, forums and last but not least via the broadband atlas.

    The broadband atlas shows the extent to which access to fast data connections is available in the individual municipalities, which providers are active and which network technologies are used for the connection. After that, the number of unserved communities fell to less than 700. With the broadband atlas, the BMWi wants to create more market transparency and publicize alternative access technologies. In addition, best-practice examples should show how innovative municipalities can close the gaps.

    The current version contains the offers of more than 280 companies in eight different technology areas. With over 900,000 data sets, the broadband atlas is the leading information medium for broadband internet in Germany.

    Here You can access the Broadband Atlas of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and, by entering your postcode and location, obtain information about possible broadband coverage in your residential area.

    Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology


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