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Chapel in Jeuchental shines in its old splendor

Chapel in Jeuchental shines in its old splendor

Last year, young people damaged the listed chapel in the Jeuchental between the Konz and Niedermennig school centers by graffitiing. Now it shines again in its old glory.

The city of Konz commissioned the professional, new exterior painting in June after consultation with the lower monument preservation authority. The building yard temporarily painted over the graffiti on the walls immediately after the incident in order to prevent imitation acts. But there was also paint on the doors that couldn't be removed.

All graffiti have now been removed in accordance with the technical specifications of the monument preservation department. In addition, plastering areas were repaired and minor edge work was carried out.

Photo: The chapel in Jeuchental after the new paint

The costs for the city amount to around 8,000 euros. The Konz Catholic Workers' Movement promised the administration a donation of 500 euros.

There will also be renovation work inside the chapel in the coming years.