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Extended opening hours for the citizens' office in Konz

Extended opening hours for the citizens' office in Konz

Conc, 9.1.2023

The opening hours of the citizens' office for the VG Konz will be extended. Since the new online appointment system has been very well received, the processing times for citizens' concerns can now be better planned. This is one of the reasons why it is possible to offer extended opening hours from January 30, 2023. Re-registration, applying for an identity card and all other services in the Citizens' Information Office will be possible in future at the following times:





9 - 12

13 – 17


7.30 – 12



7.30 – 12

13 – 16



13 - 18


8 – 12


During these new opening hours, the Citizens' Office can also be reached by telephone.

Since the end of November 2022, the citizens' office in the Konz town hall has been offering online appointments. Under or via a button on the website you can select the appropriate request and the desired time. As a confirmation, the citizens receive an e-mail, which summarizes again which documents they should bring with them for the appointment. In addition, a QR code and an appointment identifier will be sent, which citizens can then use to register for the appointment at the terminal in front of the Citizens' Registration Office.