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City and municipality of Konz


Wanted: housing for Ukrainian war refugees

Wanted: housing for Ukrainian war refugees -

The district and the associated municipality are pooling their efforts

As a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people seeking protection have fled. The municipal administration has already started looking for accommodation for these people last week. We receive offers from private individuals who would like to provide apartments for people seeking protection from Ukraine. The community association and the district combine these offers so that living space can be allocated according to need.

Anyone who would like to make an apartment available for refugee Ukrainians in the Konz municipality can contact - stating contact details as well as the location, size and equipment of the apartment. It should be furnished or partly furnished.

Mayor Joachim Weber says: "We experience that the willingness to help of the people in the Konz municipality is very high. I would like to thank you very much. Together we can help refugee Ukrainians to have a safe roof over their heads.”

With regard to on-site support, the district administration is in close contact with the regional aid organizations.

In addition to living space, people with Ukrainian language skills will certainly be needed. If you can help here, please also contact the above e-mail address.

If you want to help beyond that, you should primarily use official donation accounts such as “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, in which the major aid organizations have joined forces.