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New drinking water dispenser in conc

New drinking water dispenser in Konz - At the touch of a button there is now free drinking water for everyone

Conc, May 11, 2022

In the past week it was still covered by a mysterious blue cylinder that stood on the square "Am Markt" and astonished one or the other passer-by. Mayor Joachim Weber has now revealed what is underneath and officially put the drinking water dispenser into operation. "In the future, locals and visitors will be able to refresh themselves here free of charge in the warmer months and either fill up drinking water in a bottle or drink it directly from the water jet," explains the mayor.

Photo (from left to right) Oliver Möller (Verbandgemeindewerke Konz), Guido Wacht (First Alderman of the VG Konz), Joachim Weber (Mayor of the City and Verbandsgemeinde Konz) and Ralf Zorn (Head of the Verbandsgemeinde Utilities)

The stainless steel column was funded by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Environment. The future maintenance will be taken over by the Konz municipal utility company.

The drinking water dispenser was installed as part of the modernization of the market square. An improved water supply for festivals and the weekly market is already in operation to take account of the latest hygiene standards. In addition, the marketplace received energy-saving street lamps. New power connections are to be completed in the coming months.