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Celebrate together - Karthaus district festival on May 22, 2022

Celebrate together - Karthaus district festival on May 22nd

In a few days the time has come - the third edition of the district festival will take place in Karthaus. With a varied stage program, information and sales stands, more than 30 institutions, groups, initiatives and clubs present themselves and show how colorful and diverse Karthaus is and what the district has to offer.

after one family service , which takes place at 11 a.m. on the square and is co-designed by the day care center Arche Noah and the trombone choir, followed at 12 p.m. by the official opening of the festival and the Inauguration of the new place by Mayor Joachim Weber. After that it starts Stage program with dance, music, singing and theater contributions , in which the music association Concordia Konz, the Saar-Mosel women's choir, the trombone choir of the Protestant church community, the show dance group Rainbow, the choir "Z Zwischentöne", the theater project group Karthaus and the gospel choir "Happy Voices" present themselves. The Lorenz Kellner daycare center, the St. Johann daycare center and the St. Johann elementary school are also involved in the stage programme.

In the context of information booths The fire brigade, the Malteser, the nursing base, the Lebenshilfe, Caritas, the DRK state association with the senior center, the migration advice of the Diakonisches Werk, the food sharing group, the support group of the St. Johann elementary school and the junetko with social work at the Elementary school St. Johann.

For the physical well-being The Karthaus Kolping Family, the Karthauser sport fishermen and the support associations of the day-care centers Arche Noah, Lorenz Kellner and St. Johann take care of it.

games and handicrafts for children, the altar boy St. Johann, the day-care centers Arche Noah, Lorenz Kellner and St. Johann and the Konfigruppe.

The supporting program also includes the Photo exhibition "Carthusian Views" with old and new views of Karthaus, which is shown in the evangelical church and the Karthauser children's flea market (Prior registration at the district office required).

So that people who are no longer sufficiently mobile can visit the festival, the Malteser offer a driving service at. Please register with Hermann Hurth (Telephone: 0170 2782677) by May 20 at the latest.

The complete program sequence: