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development plans

This area is currently still under construction and will be gradually expanded by the responsible department.

The development plans can be viewed by anyone at any time in the responsible departments together with the reasons and the summary statements (§ 6 (5) BauGB and § 10 (3) BauGB). If necessary, contact the responsible department "Department 3 - Building" (For contact details, see the "Contacts" section on this page).

In addition, the development plan that has come into force must be accompanied by a summary declaration of the way in which environmental concerns and the results of public and official participation were taken into account (§ 10a (1) BauGB).

The provisions of the old Building Code apply to development plans whose preparation decision was made before June 24th, 2004. According to the old regulations, the development plan only has to be accompanied by a justification without an environmental report.