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Business Park "Multiinger Heights"

Public announcement of the SGD North

Public announcement of the Structure and Approval Directorate North in Koblenz according to § 15 Para. 3 Regional Planning Act (ROG) i. In conjunction with Section 17 (7) of the State Planning Act (LPlG)

The municipality of Schweich has the Structure and Approval Directorate North - upper state planning authority - the implementation of a spatial planning procedure according to § 15 ROG i. V. m. § 17 LPlG for the intended 17th change of their land use plan for the presentation of a commercial building area with the aim of developing an intermunicipal industrial and commercial site (business park Mehringerhöhe). The area of change that is the subject of the proceedings is located in the municipality of Mehring in the southern part of the area of the association of municipalities west of the BAB A 1.

The spatially significant effects of this planning are to be examined from a supra-local point of view in a spatial planning procedure. In particular, the compliance of the project with the requirements of spatial planning and the coordination with other spatially significant plans are checked.

More information about the type and scope of the project can be found in the procedural documents.

These are to be published on the Internet for at least one month so that the public can participate.

The procedural documents may in time from 03/14/2022 to 04/22/2022 can be viewed on the following websites:

As an additional information offer for publication on the internet, the documents can be sent by post (§ 15 Para. 3 Sentence 6 ROG). If there is a desire to benefit from this additional information offer, e.g. B. due to limited network access, the following contacts are available at the Konz municipal administration:

Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung Konz
At the market 11
54329 Konz, Mr. Alexander Queins, telephone: 06501/83-181, e-mail:

Statements can be submitted electronically up to May 9th, 2022 to all the agencies involved, the Konz municipal administration and the SGD Nord (e-mail: The comments can also be sent in writing to the

  • city administration Trier,
  • the above Association of municipal administrations as well as to:
  • Structure and Approval Directorate North, Upper State Planning Authority, Stresemannstraße 3-5, 56068 Koblenz

When submitting a statement, the authorities conducting the proceedings process the data on the basis of Section 15 ROG. This includes passing on the statements to the specialist authorities and the applicant. For this reason, the attached data protection notices with information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are also made available on the Internet together with the procedural documents (cf. annex to data protection, see ).

The result of the regional planning procedure will be made public.