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Retail Concept - City of Konz

Retail concept of the city of Konz

Decision to update the retail concept of the city of Konz

In the meeting of the city council on December 13, 2022, the city of Konz decided to update the retail concept as an urban development concept within the meaning of Section 1 Paragraph 6 No. 11 of the Building Code.

Since the creation of the retail concept in 2011, changes have taken place in the Group's retail structure. In addition, various retail projects and settlement requests in the city area are discussed. The general framework has also changed. This includes in particular the structural change in the retail trade as well as changes due to case law, e.g. on requirements for central supply areas or for retail control. For this reason, the retail concept from 2011 has now been updated.

The updating of the retail concept must be taken into account when drawing up land use plans.