Become a poll worker

Election worker

Poll workers wanted!

Every election represents a piece of democracy. In addition to the party members and administrative staff, the city and municipality of Konz also count on the help of their citizens. Would you like to take part in the elections and experience them “up close”? Then you can contact us as a poll worker at any time.

  • Become a poll worker – why?

    Elections are the foundation of our democracy. You live from the active participation of citizens and from your voluntary commitment.

  • Who can do volunteer work?

    Anyone who is eligible to vote in the respective election can become a poll worker.

  • How will I be deployed?

    To carry out the election, the area of the Konz municipality will be divided into more than 20 voting districts. In each of these districts there is an electoral board, which usually consists of eleven people. This person works in the election office during the day on election day and determines the result together after 6 p.m.

  • What tasks are there?

    There are three positions to be filled in each electoral board:

    • Electoral officers manage the activities of the electoral board, distribute tasks and ensure order in the voting room.
    • Secretaries enter the vote in the voters' register and fill out the minutes when the votes are counted.
    • assessors issue ballot papers, ensure that votes are only cast in the voting booths provided and that the ballot paper is properly inserted into the ballot box.


You are welcome to contact: