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Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)

That FSJ is an educational and orientation service for young people. They are mostly working for the first time and thus gain experience in the social field. This allows you to put yourself to the test and also develop personally. You will be accompanied by experienced specialists at the deployment sites. An additional exchange takes place in five one-week seminars, through which the volunteers learn a lot about the social sector.

The exchange of experiences and the development of social skills is the focus of the seminars. The subject of professional orientation is also dealt with intensively.

Among other things, the volunteers can set a topic for themselves in a project seminar, on which they can work for a week. Of course, you will be accompanied by experienced teams during the seminars. The seminars should be independent of everyday use. So that problems can be addressed openly, the pedagogical support is organized by the FSJ provider.

The FSJ participants conclude an FSJ agreement with the place of assignment and the agency, which also takes on the placement and advisory tasks.

As a rule, the FSJ begins on August 1st and ends on July 31st of the following year.

Discover yourself and develop your skills with the FSJ in

sponsored by the Konz Association of Municipalities, the city of Konz and the local communities of Oberbillig, Pellingen and Wellen or