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Start for new trainees at the VG administration in Konz

Start for new trainees at the VG administration in Konz

August 11, 2023

"Yeah, it's finally starting!" said seven new trainees who started their training at the Konz municipal administration this month. In the town hall they were welcomed by Mayor Joachim Weber (Photo: center) , office manager Günter Benzkirch (Photo: far left) and training manager Karl-Josef Hild (Photo: far right) warmly welcomed.

Photo: The new trainees with their "working materials" - a nesting box for bats, surveying instruments, planning board, pocket calculator, legal texts, tool box and rescue buoy.

The seven “newcomers” are being trained in many different professions. After all, those who work for the municipal administration do not always sit at their desks. At VG-Werke, for example, the trainees work in the areas of swimming pools and electrical engineering, and there are also jobs in the building authority where monitoring construction sites is part of everyday work. And at the forestry office, the question is, among other things: How can the forest be preserved and still supply us with wood in a sustainable manner? Those who are trained in administrative professions also get a variety of insights, for example in the areas of finance, human resources and social affairs.