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Building with wood - Symposium in Konz and Saarburg

Building with wood - Symposium in Konz and Saarburg

The developments so far in the 21st century mean that future construction should increasingly be planned and implemented under the criteria of lightness, resource efficiency and changeability. The building material wood enjoys special attention because it proves to be a climate-friendly and durable material. Wood is suitable for almost every task, such as the construction of residential buildings, kindergartens, schools or sports and multi-purpose halls. In the segment of building in stock and energetic renovation, it is a great advantage.

In order to show what modern timber construction can achieve today and what outstanding regional examples there are, the Saarburg-Kell and Konz municipalities as well as the timber construction cluster RLP am
➡27./28. April 2023
a two-day timber construction symposium entitled
▶Update timber construction - future - circular & regional◀.

The event was initiated and organized by Simone Grimm.

Impulses are given here, which present possible and practicable solutions to decision-makers and planners. Experienced, national speakers will provide a broad, informative overview of building with wood and circular building.

The event is aimed at municipalities (decision-makers, building committees, building authorities), architects and engineers as well as those interested in timber construction from Rhineland-Palatinate and the Grande Région.

Both new construction and refurbishment are discussed - including circular (circular-efficient) construction and serial renovation.

The symposium is funded by the European LEADER program. No profit is made from the event, participants pay a contribution of 40 euros per day to cover catering costs. The first day of the event takes place in the town hall in Saarburg, the second in the open-air museum Roscheider Hof in Konz.

Further information and the possibility to register are available at: .