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Digitization in the Konz City Library is progressing

Digitization in the Konz city library is progressing - media inventory is being converted to RFID technology

Conc, October 7, 2022

The Konz City Library is becoming more digital. The emergency aid program "On site for everyone" of the German Library Association promotes the conversion of lending to so-called RFID technology. This simplifies the lending process, since each individual book or medium does not have to be scanned individually, but batch booking is possible.

At the moment, all books, radio plays, readers and the like are provided with the RFID transporters and registered by scanning. In the future, a whole stack of media can simply be placed on an antenna, a gray area. The RFID system recognizes everything at once.

Photo: The head of the Konz City Library, Elisabeth Kurzmann, shows Mayor Joachim Weber how the media conversion works.

In a later step, borrowing and returning the media should become even easier. Similar to self-service checkouts in supermarkets, there should be gates and terminals where visitors to the city library can place books on the antenna themselves and borrow them by scanning their library card. The introduction of these terminals will go hand in hand with a spatial and content-related further development of the city library in Konz.