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Pre-marketing for new fiber optic connections in Kommlingen, Krettnach and Oberemmel starts

Pre-marketing for new fiber optic connections in the Konz districts of Kommlingen, Krettnach and Oberemmel begins

Good news for residents in the Konz districts of Kommlingen, Krettnach and Oberemmel: Westenergie Broadband is planning to set up a nationwide fiber optic network for super-fast Internet in the respective districts. To this end, Westenergie Broadband will start pre-marketing on June 1, 2022. If a pre-marketing rate of 40 percent is reached, the network operator will set up a nationwide "Fiber to the Home (FTTH)" network.

Fiber optic house connections in Konz have so far only been available in new development areas or in individual sub-areas. Now each of the 1,062 households in the districts mentioned, whose supply is still based on copper technology, can have a fiber optic connection right into their home if they sign an E.ON high-speed preliminary contract. The gigabit-capable connections represent the highest quality and future-proof form of Internet connection.

"I am very pleased that other citizens and companies in Konz-Kommlingen, Krettnach and Oberemmel now have the opportunity to have a fiber optic connection right into their house and I hope that many people will take advantage of the opportunities offered by this technology. be used," explains Mayor Joachim Weber, who is campaigning for fiber optic expansion. "The Corona pandemic in particular has shown us all how important it is to have fast and stable access to the Internet at home - be it for homeschooling, home office or other areas of social participation. However, the offer for high-speed Internet is also interesting for owners, because a fiber optic connection increases the value of the property.”

The special feature: All citizens of the districts of Kommlingen, Krettnach and Oberemmel who sign up for an E.ON high-speed telephony/Internet service as part of the pre-marketing receive the Fiber optic connection to the building free of charge . This offer will last until August 31, 2022.

In the next few days, residents from the districts mentioned will also receive a letter containing further information on the offer. In addition, from June 1st, the E.ON Highspeed experts will contact the households in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene rules to talk to you about your personal offer if you are interested. Interested citizens are welcome to make a personal appointment with you on site at the telephone number 0651 812 2101 agree.

Westenergie Broadband is also offering an online information event on the planned construction project for all interested citizens in the Konz districts of Kommlingen, Krettnach and Oberemmel. You can register for this free of charge under the following link:

Interested parties can also find further information on the respective site-specific websites , or . "There, citizens can already secure the free fiber optic connection as part of the pre-marketing phase by ordering the product via the availability check," explains Marco Felten from Westenergie's municipal partner management.

The construction work for the area-wide expansion should start at the beginning of the coming year once the pre-marketing quota has been reached in the corresponding districts. The company is planning a construction period of nine months for the extensive infrastructure project. In the first construction phases, citizens will be able to surf the fast data superhighway much earlier with the future technology. The project will be implemented without public funding.

Photo: Westenergie Broadband