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Saar Pedal 2022 on May 15th

Saar-Pedal on May 15th - car-free cycling fun on the Saar from Konz to Merzig

On Sunday, May 15th, the popular car-free Saar-Pedal adventure day will take place for the 27th time. After a two-year forced break due to the pandemic, the organizers are pleased that the popular adventure day can be held again this year.

As is tradition, cycling enthusiasts can mark the third Sunday in May in their calendars. The roads between the city of Konz and Merzig in the Saarland will be closed to all motor vehicle traffic on May 15 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and cyclists, inline skaters and hikers will be able to travel freely.

Together with all those involved, Joachim Weber, Mayor of the Konz municipality, Jürgen Dixius, Mayor of the Saarburg-Kell municipality, Daniel Kiefer, Mayor of the Mettlach municipality and Christopher Klein, representing the city of Merzig, presented the 2022 adventure day at a joint press conference.

The official starting shot will be fired at 10 a.m. at the town hall in Konz and in the city park in Merzig. Until 6 p.m., the participants can then use the approximately 40-kilometer route and discover the beauties of the Saar Valley. If you only want to travel in one direction or in sections, you can switch to the train, which runs parallel to the route. Special trains are used between Trier and Saarbrücken, which are equipped with additional carriages for bicycles. Bikes can be transported on these trains free of charge.

Saar-Pedal has firmly established itself in the calendar of events and is popular with locals as well as holidaymakers and day visitors. The special attractiveness of Saar-Pedal results from the combination of undisturbed cycling fun in a beautiful landscape and a varied and family-friendly program that is offered in the action zones along the route. In the towns of Konz-Filzen, Kanzem, Wiltingen, Schoden, Ockfen, Saarburg, Serrig, Serrig barrage, Saarholzbach, Mettlach and Merzig, the towns and local communities, clubs and groups as well as winegrowers and restaurateurs put together a wide range of activities.

Starting with traditional regional delicacies such as spit roast, various fish specialties, trout, pan roast or boiled potatoes with quark, cake buffets, crepes and waffles, to beer, wine, Viez and cocktail stands - gastronomically, Saar-Pedal leaves nothing to be desired.

The colorful supporting program with concerts by local music clubs, live bands and DJs also gives plenty of reason to stop along the way. Children can have a lot of fun and plenty of variety in the activity zones with creative play activities, bouncy castles, make-up stands, bicycle tournaments and a join-in circus.

The extensive range of services also includes roadside assistance. If your bike breaks down, help is available in Merzig, Mettlach, Serrig and Schoden. In Schoden you can also have your bike washed in a bike wash. In addition, reference is made to the e-bike charging stations along the route.

You can find an overview of all offers here: