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New website of the Konz Association of Municipalities

New website of the Konz Association of Municipalities -

More information, better clarity and closer to the citizen

What are the opening hours of the Citizens' Office? Who is my contact person for the topic "Building"? And what plans is the administration currently implementing? The website has these questions already answered in the past few years - but now it does so in a much clearer way. Changed user habits, new technologies and the requirements of a modern website have made a redesign necessary.

The new website of the city and associated municipality has now started. In the future, it will offer citizens information in more than 100 languages – including French, English, Ukrainian and Arabic. You will find frequently used categories, such as “Building land” or “Doctors and pharmacies”, directly on the start page as a button under “Quick access”. This saves searching in the menu. The opening hours of the various offices can also be found at the bottom of the home page - with an indication of whether it is currently open or when the relevant office will open again.

Photo: The digital officer Michael Naunheim presents the new website in the Konzer town hall to the first councilor of the association community, Guido Wacht, and the mayor of the city and VG, Joachim Weber.

Searching for clubs, for example, has also become easier. Under "Leisure and Sport" those interested will find a club database that can be supplemented or updated by the clubs themselves. Whether it's the village newspaper, DLRG, choir or football club - there is a wide range of offers to discover in the Konz association of municipalities.

Basically offers now more services – including online services. Would you like a new ID card or do you need certification? You can now do this online. This offering is just the beginning: More services will follow throughout the year.

"We are planning to offer various services via the website," says the mayor of the Konz municipality, Joachim Weber. "Of course we want to offer appointments online, but it should also be possible to submit applications for construction via the site, for example." The foundation stone for this has now been laid with the new website. "This is a necessary step in the ever-advancing world of digitization," adds the First Deputy of the VG, Guido Wacht.

Of course, the usual sections of the "old" can also be found on the new website. Furthermore, under "News" on the home page, you can see which new projects there are from the city and associated municipality administration - be it the start of construction work, new wind turbines, bicycle routes or similar. In addition, the Saar-Mosel-Bad and the city library are digitally represented with updated appearances.

“Events, voluntary work, weddings, schools, day-care centers, town twinning … the topics on the new website are too many to name them all here,” says Mayor Weber and invites: “Just have a look online.”