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Sustainable heat and electricity for the administration building in Konz

Sustainable heat and electricity for the administration building in Konz - 200 meter long pipe will in future run through the earth under the Saar

Konz, April 29, 2022

The entrance to Brückenstrasse from the direction of Saarstrasse in Konz has been closed for two weeks. There are large pipes in a parking lot, with passers-by seeing a blocked hole in the ground in front of them. In the coming week (from May 2nd, 2022) the work will enter the hot phase.

Photo: These pipe parts are to be joined to form a pipe and then run under the Saar.

What is the background of the works?

The town hall and the administration building are to be supplied with local heating, sustainable electricity and fiber optics for internal communication. Appropriate cables are to be laid through a large pipe that runs under the Saar. In the future, heat and electricity will then come from the sewage treatment plant on the other side of the Saar, where environmentally friendly energy is produced from sewage gas.

What is being done?

Drilling has already been carried out under the Saar in several stages. The pipe with a diameter of around 50 cm will soon lead through this 200 meter long borehole, which ends in the bridge road.

In order to get this pipe into the ground to the other side of the Saar, the individual parts must first be assembled into a single large pipe. After that, it must be passed through the drilled hole in one go without interruption.

The assembly of the pipe parts into a single long pipe has to be done on site in the bridge road. To do this, the parts are joined together piece by piece and laid out along the entire length of the street. This will take several days. Therefore, starting May 2nd, 2022, the bridge road will initially be closed on one side. A complete closure is then necessary in the following week. We try to keep all impairments as low as possible and ask for your understanding.