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Country awards civil courage prize

Country awards civil courage prize

Every year, the Minister of the Interior and Sport honors people who have acted courageously and with civil courage in extraordinary situations. These people serve as role models for all of us and deserve appropriate recognition and attention.

The suggestions for potential award winners come from the police headquarters and from fellow citizens. Do you have any suggestions? Here are the details and contact details:

Civil courage means civic courage.

Public safety is not just the task of the police, it needs every individual: in an attentive neighborhood, as an emergency responder, as a witness to a crime or as a person who takes care of the victim.

 How can moral courage be shown?

Helping requires courage to overcome indifference. Courage to break out of doing nothing and act. Courage to communicate and contact with other helpers.

Helping does not necessarily mean actively intervening in a situation, but also acting from a distance. No one is required to take a heroic stand against the perpetrator or perpetrators. The risk of becoming a victim yourself is too great. The award for civil courage does not require carelessness and daredevilry, but prudent action and helping in emergency situations.

Anyone who sees an act of violence or misfortune can do something for the victim without putting themselves in danger.

Who shows prudence instead of indifference?

As part of the civil courage award, we are looking for people who have helped.
We are looking for people who have acted against the look away, listen away and walk away mentality. We are looking for people who, for example, have acted as attentive neighbors, emergency workers, witnesses of a crime or carers during or after an emergency situation.

Who should be honored?

The civil courage award is to be given to people who have stood up for others. Therefore, any individual who has shown dedicated help in a particular situation (e.g. witnessing a violent or criminal act, providing emergency assistance) can be honored. The prize is primarily aimed at individuals. Groups, clubs and institutions are only awarded in exceptional cases, as there are comparable tenders from the state government that address this target group.

How do I suggest suitable people?

Suggestions are available using the forms provided below to submit. The persons to be honored are selected by a jury chaired by State Secretary Nicole Steingass.

award ceremony

Minister Roger Lewentz will award the prize on December 7, 2022 in Mainz. In addition to a certificate and a sculpture, the award winners also receive a cash prize of at least 500 euros per person.

Proposals are always accepted until September 30 for the current year. Applications submitted later will automatically be considered in the following year.