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Konz: The city's building yard is testing sustainable e-chargers

Konz: The city's building yard is testing sustainable e-loaders - construction machinery manufacturer Volvo from Konz-Könen is making electric wheel loaders available

Konz, May 05, 2022

The municipal building yard is currently on the road with a fully electric wheel loader from the construction machinery manufacturer Volvo. The wheel loader is equipped with two electric motors and the latest lithium-ion technology. The employees are testing how the sustainable, electrically operated wheel loader could be used effectively in Konz. There were several jobs, for example, to clean the bike paths - instead of the well-known engine noise, now only with a quiet whirring.

Photo (from left to right): Christoph Becker (Construction Yard of the City of Konz), Joachim Weber (Mayor of the City and VG Konz), Kai Catrein (Civil Engineering Office), Frank Schmitt (Volvo Company), Paolo Mannesi (Volvo Company) and Guido Wacht (First Councilor the VG Konz)

The cycle paths in Konz have been swept by loaders with conventional drives around 20 times a year - especially after bad weather, when small branches soil the cycle paths. The emission-free vehicle, which is manufactured in Konz-Könen, can not only be used for this, but also, for example, for loading and transporting various materials.

The building yard of the city of Konz was very satisfied: Volvo's electric charger is very gentle on the driver when it comes to emissions. In inner-city areas, there are no longer any loud driving noises or smelly exhaust fumes. In addition, the electric loader scores with a convincing hydraulic performance during lifting and loading work.