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Holocaust Remembrance Day in Conc

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Konz - the mayor and deputy lay stones to commemorate Jewish victims

Conc, January 27, 2022

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. On January 27, 1945, the Red Army liberated the prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Mayor Joachim Weber and the first deputy of the VG Konz, Guido Wacht, therefore laid stones at the memorial in the Jewish cemetery in Konz during a "silent commemoration" of the victims of National Socialism. According to Jewish tradition, they want to symbolize that the deceased are not forgotten.

In the past two years, Holocaust survivors and their relatives have increasingly denounced the trivialization of the suffering of Jews under National Socialism. "We take this alarming trend seriously," says Mayor Weber. "It is all the more important these days to remember the frightening events of that time." 31 Jewish citizens from Konz became victims of the Holocaust.

In addition to the memorial stone in the St. Nikolaus cemetery, there are also stumbling blocks in the city that commemorate the murder and deportation of Jews and dissidents during the Nazi era. There are small commemorative plaques in the ground on Martinstrasse, in Karthaus on Römerstrasse and in Oberemmel on Brotstrasse. Stumbling blocks were also laid in Wasserliesch (Reinigerstrasse and Hauptstrasse), Wiltingen (Brückenstrasse) and Pellingen (Trierer Strasse).

The Jewish cemetery in Konz-Oberemmel has been replanted by the administration in recent weeks, the wall has been renovated and a new gate has been installed.