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Peace rally in front of the town hall in Konz

Peace rally in front of the town hall in Konz - Around 200 people take a stand against the war in Ukraine

Conc, March 10, 2022

"Take action against the war" - that was the guiding principle of a rally at the town hall in Konz. The organizers were AG Frieden, Caritas and the partnership for democracy in the Konz community. About 200 people came to set an example for peace and a solidary, democratic Europe.

Participants brought candles.

In addition to representatives of aid organizations and peace initiatives, the first deputy of the VG Konz, Guido Wacht, also gave a speech.

Viktoriia Popova from Mariupol/Konz spoke about the situation in her home country Ukraine and then sang a song in Russian - a sign against hostility from people from Russia here in Germany.

The City Hall shone in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag.

Organizers and speakers of the peace rally