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Election workers wanted

If you want to take a look "behind the scenes", you can look forward to an interesting and responsible job: As a poll worker on a polling board at the Konz polling stations, you can experience a piece of democracy up close!

At the Sunday 26 September 2021 will be the new one Bundestag elected, and in the district of Trier-Saarburg takes place on the same day district election instead of. Volunteer poll workers are needed for this purpose. The prerequisite is that you are at least 18 years old, have your main residence (min. 3 months) in the Konz municipality and have German citizenship. Working on an electoral board does not require any special knowledge. The election committee usually has experienced election workers who will give you support.

As a financial "thank you", every election worker receives a refreshment allowance of €25 for their efforts.

To carry out each election, the area of the Konz municipality is divided into 27 voting districts. In each electoral district, an electoral board is to be formed, which in the Konz municipality usually consists of 9 people. The election board is responsible for the proper conduct of the election process and the determination of the results on election Sunday at the polling station. It consists of the election officer, secretary, their deputies and assessors and, if necessary, election workers.

Are you interested in this volunteer work?

Then please contact:

  • Petra Reinert - by telephone on 06501/83-141 (morning) or by e-mail

She is at your disposal for any further information!