noise action planning


noise action planning

noise action planning

First creation of a noise action plan in the municipality of Konz

The main tasks of the noise action plans are the reduction and prevention of noise pollution from environmental noise. It is also the task of noise action planning to protect quiet areas against an increase in noise. Informing the public about noise pollution and their participation in noise action planning are of central importance.

The central legal basis for noise action planning is Section 47d of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG). According to this, the competent authorities draw up noise action plans in which the noise problems and noise impacts for metropolitan areas and for places near main roads and main railway lines are regulated. Conurbations, main roads and main railway lines are defined analogous to noise mapping. In Rhineland-Palatinate, the cities, associated municipalities and municipalities not associated with associated municipalities are responsible for drawing up the noise action plans.

With the noise action plans, a new set of instruments was created to contribute to an improvement for residents who are affected. As a rule, the highest loads are found along federal roads and railway lines, as is the case in VG Konz. The noise action plan only deals with the noise caused by the road. DB is responsible for railway noise.

However, the associated municipality can conceptually contribute to taking into account the aspect of noise as a by-product in all measures (e.g. by traffic calming when roads are widened, land use planning, etc.) and above all by promoting bicycle traffic or helping to improve public transport, to achieve a reduction in noise pollution here, which can then also have a positive effect on the main routes. In this respect, it is necessary to deal with this topic and it also makes sense to protect the health of our population.

The municipal council approved the presented plan on 02.07. 2020 approved and ready for download: