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Caring for the elderly and people in need of care

The need for long-term care often comes completely unprepared or gradually develops. Those affected and their families then have many questions. What offers of help are there? How can I continue living my life in a familiar environment? What will this cost me? Who will help me to apply for benefits?

In a flyer we would like to provide you with some information on the subject and give you an overview of the various offers and contacts in the city and municipality of Konz.

Ambulatory care services help with personal hygiene, medically prescribed measures such as the administration of medication, as well as in the household and also offer accompaniment to the doctor or shopping.

The retirement and nursing homes offer short-term and full-time permanent care.

Other relief options for those affected and caring relatives: barrier-free living space adjustments, care groups, meals on wheels, house emergency call, care courses, reduction of working hours, voluntary help offers and much more.

Download the current flyer here: