community of waves

Verbandsgemeinde Konz


community of waves

The mining town of Wellen is located on the right bank of the Moselle, between Temmels and Nittel, opposite the Luxembourg town of Grevenmacher. Since the early 1960s there has been a barrage and a loading facility for the Trier Lime, Dolomite and Cement Works (TKDZ). In 1920, due to the works settlement, a new part of the community was created to the east of the old village with a works settlement, administration and community buildings and the director's villa.

In 874 Wellen was mentioned as Wevelon and in the early Middle Ages as Vualeheim. Wellen had been linked to Grevenmacher by municipal rights since 1252, both of which belonged to Luxembourg until the French Revolution.

The old town was cut up by the construction of the railway line along the Moselle. Since the opening of the railway in 1878, Wellen has had its own station.

Sights - e.g.

Wayside cross on the cycle path, neo-Gothic branch church, Moselle bridge at the border crossing to Luxembourg, old town centre

Heraldry (Heraldry)

Divided by a wavy cut and split above by blue and gold, in front a golden vine, behind a black hammer and mallet crossed, below in silver 2 blue wavy bars.

Until around 1800, Wellen in the Grevenmacher Probstei belonged to the Duchy of Luxembourg. The historical sovereign affiliation is symbolized in the lower part of the shield by the colors blue and silver.

A golden vine is included in the first field for viticulture as a determining economic factor. For the place name "Wellen" two blue "wave bars" are shown in the lower part of the sign as a talking symbol.

Public facilities

Kindergarten Waves

in waves

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Elementary school St. Marien

in Nittel

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