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“Together hand in hand”

“Hand in hand” – Konzer clubs are committed to more RESPECT in everyday life

In 2021, the Konz gymnastics community, the SV Konz sports club and the TC Konz tennis club, together with the coordination and specialist office of the Partnership for Democracy in the VG Konz, launched the “RESPEKT - Hand in Hand with each other” campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of respectful interaction as a basis for everyday coexistence. The materials created as part of the RESPECT campaign (including posters, stickers, banners) are used to make people aware of inappropriate behavior in everyday coexistence that is detrimental to social peace, for example in public spaces, in club rooms, on sports and tennis courts or in gyms and sports halls in Konz, and to sensitize them to more respect in everyday life.

Now the primary schools in the city of Konz have also been specifically involved in the campaign. Posters for the campaign were given to the schools and the participating schools (GS St. Johann, GS St. Nikolaus, GS Oberemmel, GS Könen) received banners with the logo of the campaign, which will now be permanently displayed at the school locations. The banners were handed over on Friday, March 15th by the chairman of the advisory committee and first deputy of the VG Konz, Mr. Guido Wacht, as well as representatives of the participating clubs and the coordination and specialist office.

Facilities and institutions that are interested in taking part in the campaign and supporting it (e.g. by hanging banners and posters) are welcome to contact the project sponsor TG Konz or the coordination and specialist office. Further information about the RESPECT campaign and many other activities that have been implemented since the Partnership for Democracy was founded in VG Konz in 2015 can be found at