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City and municipality of Konz

VG Konz participates in the city cycling of the district of Trier-Saarburg

VG Konz participates in the city cycling of the district of Trier-Saarburg

Conc, August 25, 2023

Whether it's the way to work, getting bread rolls or going for an ice cream - which distances can we cover in everyday life by bike instead of by car? The "CITY CYCLING" campaign of the Climate Alliance network draws attention to this question. The municipality of Konz is again taking part in the international campaign this year - in cooperation with the district of Trier-Saarburg. From September 9th to 29th, all citizens are called upon to collect as many bicycle kilometers as possible in the district.

The goal is - in addition to climate protection - to promote cycling in the region and, last but not least, to encourage people to do something for their own health. Interested parties should be motivated to cover many everyday routes by bicycle.

In order to “collect” the kilometers, you have to register on the CITY CYCLING platform at necessary. Those interested can then team of Verbandsgemeinde Konz cycle along, which is open to everyone. Or they register their own group.

With the free CITY CYCLING app, participants can conveniently track the distances they have cycled via GPS and credit them directly to their team. Alternatively, the routes can also be added via the internet platform.

The app offers another advantage: The cycle traffic data collected in this way is scientifically evaluated by the Climate Alliance, completely anonymously, and provides the district with information on important traffic planning questions such as: Where are how many cyclists on the road and when? Where does the flow of traffic come to a standstill? This makes it possible to expand the cycling infrastructure as needed.

About the citizen participation platform RADar! participants can also report potholes, cycle paths that suddenly end or unclear traffic routing.